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The Ihaka Lectures

They’re back!

This year our theme is visualisation. The lectures will again run on Wednesday evenings in March. The three speakers work in different areas of data visualisation: collect the complete set!

Paul Murrell is an Associate Professor in Statistics here in Auckland. He’s a member of the R Core Development Team, and responsible for a lot of graphics infrastructure in R. The ‘grid’ graphics system grew out of his PhD thesis with Ross Ihaka. 

Di Cook is Professor of Business Analytics at Monash University, and was previously a Professor at Iowa State University. She’s an expert in visualisation for data analysis: using graphics, especially interactive and dynamic graphics, to learn from data. 

Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the University of Miami. His focus is in data visualisation for communication, especially with non-specialists.  He led the creation of the Interactive Infographics Department at El Mundo (elmundo.es, Spain), in 2000.

More details to follow.