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Do you know where it's been?

Again this week on the bus I passed the annoying Phoenix Organics delivery van that says Don’t drink science, you don’t know where it’s been [ Phoenix are also notable for their aspartame scare page. ]

One of the things they don’t write up as glowingly is that they add the synthetic version of a natural antioxidant to their juices and their (naturally high-fructose) juice drinks, in unnaturally high concentrations. That’s perfectly legal by organic labelling rules, and the compound, ascorbic acid, is the same molecule as vitamin C – but we’re talking about an industry where ‘the same molecule’ doesn’t usually cut it as an excuse. 

And it’s not just that the ascorbic acid is synthetic. Almost all commercial vitamin C is made by Chinese chemical companies,with just one Scottish chemical company remaining in competition. Again, that’s not something I have a problem with, but customers of Phoenix Organics might well feel differently if they knew.