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Today we have shaming of prats

Background: Revenge, ego, and corruption in Wikipedia

Today we have shaming of prats. Yesterday, 
we had unclear sources, and tomorrow morning
we may have original research. But today, 
Today we have shaming of prats. The Flame Robin 
is a small passerine bird native to Australia,
and today we have shaming of prats

This is the anonymous editor. And this
is the revenge edit, whose use you will see
when you are snubbed by an author.
And this is the appeals process.
Which in your case you have not got. Final Fantasy XI
is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, 
which in my case I do not get.     

This is the revision process, which maintains
the history of each page. And please do not let me
 catch any user editing his own page. It is perfectly easy
 if you sign in as a different user. A Journey 
is a 2010 memoir by Tony Blair discussing 
his tenure as leader of the British Labour Party.
You wouldn’t catch him editing his own pages.

And this you can see is the talk page. The purpose of this
is to clear the air, as you see. We can argue
rapidly backwards and forwards: we say this 
raises the standards. When the Oriflamme was 
displayed on the battlefield it indicated
that no quarter was to be given

They called this raising the standard.

They call it raising the standard: it is perfectly easy 
if you sign in as a different user: like the revenge edit, 
and the anonymous editor, and the appeals process 
(which in our case we have not got), and the massive
online role-playing games, and the Oriflamme
displayed on the battlefield, for today
we have shaming of prats.

(after Henry Reed)