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Talks in the near future

“Filtering for rare variant tests”  CHARGE consortium workshop, Rotterdam.  Basic message: it’s total count of rare alleles that matters.

“R: an environment for statistical computing and graphics”.  CWI, Amsterdam.  Talking about the history, design, and applications of R to a scary computer-science audience.

“Testing rare DNA variants in unrelated individuals: experience from the CHARGE consortium”, IARC, Lyon.  On unidirectional and omnidirectional ‘burden of mutation’ tests using rare DNA variants.

“Analysing very large surveys with SQL generated from R” ITACOSM conference, Milan.  Message: use MonetDB for the big-data parts, controlled from R, which handles the complicated parts. 

“Information criteria under complex sampling” ITACOSM conference, Milan.  How to construct analogues of AIC and BIC for complex survey samples.  Yes, I am aware this could be characterised as filling a much-needed gap.